Saturday, August 28, 2010

Opportunities Missed...and Taken

The cup of the Day:
You may have seen my stack of favorite coffee cups.  I am going to begin each post with whatever cup I am using.  I choose my cup depending on my mood, so take from that what you will.

This is my garden cup, or my Madi cup. I created it at Color Me Mine one day with my daughters and granddaughter.  It was inspired by the many happy days we have spent in the garden.

Opportunities Missed:
Yesterday was about missed opportunities, nothing serious. It just made me think.  I was having my morning coffee with my laptap in my lap, of course, and the dogs began whinning at the window.  Now, this is really nothing new and happens all too often.  However, this was really stressed out whinning with the whole body involved.  So, I took a look to see what it was all about.  There was a chipmunk on the front sidewalk in front of the window.  After laughing at my silly dogs, I went for my camera and when I got back this cute little guy was standing on his hind legs nose to nose with a little squirrel garden statue I have on the front step.  I went to line up the shot and my movement startled him and he took off.  Missed a great shot!
Chipmunk is probably hiding in the garden laughing at me!

It's funny how something so trivial can start us thinking. I started thinking about other opportunities missed, in life, and how it happens.  Without going into unnecessary detail, the part that counts is learning how NOT to miss opportunities in life.  Of course, sometimes it just happens and is out of our control. At those times al we can do is let it go and move forward with open eyes for other opportunities. 

You can fill in whatever 'opportunities' you like- time with friends, loved ones, business opportunities, a chance to watch the sun rise, or just to sit and smell the coffee.

Opportunities Taken:
My granddaughter spent the night last night.  This doesn't happen often enough so she and I sat down and looked at my calendar last night and marked Friday nights that it could work. At the moment, she is playing WII Fit and doing yoga.  I am sitting right beside her and doing this.  Multitasking I know. But we are together, sharing the experience of a relaxing Saturday morning. 

Soon I will be going to visit my parents.  They live about an hour away.  Dad had a stroke several months ago and is in a nursing home.  Currently, he is back in the hospital.  Mom has had her share of health struggles, too.  They are in their eighties and, well, time is precious. Almost every day that I am not at work, I go there.  It is no big deal.  I welcome the opportunity to spend time with them while I can. I have 3 brothers and a sister that are sort of in the area. We all spend time there weekly. My oldest brother lives in the same town and is the one who is there daily, sometimes ALL day and night.

As for business, I have taken the time to work on my online classes and do some more reading about blogs.  I have thought about which pictures I might use for my stationary,etc. I keep working and moving forward toward that goal a little, or a lot, each day.

It is my loved ones and friends that offer the greatest opportunities in life, the greatest reward.

From where, who, what do you receive your greatest opportunity and reward?

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