Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Describe the Dream

I am back from my wonderful vacation with friends from the past, now part of my present and future.  After taking a little time to catch up at home and work, I am ready to jump back in to my blog and my dream of creating my business of the heart.  

After my last post, I realized just how much I am trying to do all at the same time.  SO, just as sometimes I need the creativity to flow, sometimes I need to nail down specifics-or at least have a plan to follow.  And because I tend to be a visual person, I made a list and posted it here for all to see, and to keep me on task.

 My first task, then, is for me to begin at the end by describing the dream. I am going to brainstorm this dream right now.  I reserve the right to add/subtract/rearrange anything and everything here.  I also ask the reader to realize that this is not necessarily meant to happen all at once or all the time.  The following are intended to be parts of a larger whole; and I love variety.

(I am also planning this with flexibility of time in mind.  There are reasons in my life I am seeking to leave the structured, but safe, life of a 40hr/week full time job.  The people in my life are my priority, my biggest dream and greatest blessing.  And there may be a time coming soon when I will be at odds with having to punch the work clock everyday for someone else. ) 

The goal, or desire, of my business of the heart is about connecting people and nature; empowering people via nature and for nature. It is about finding a sense of place, and self, in nature; it is about finding the beautiful, the spiritual in oneself, and nature.

It is also about teaching, inspiring, others to spread the word and share the passion of our amazing natural world and the people in it, including oneself.

It is also about telling the story of a place, its natural and cultural history and how they are intertwined. It is about making connections.
 outdoor living skills, nature journaling, drawing, environmental education, nature crafts, outdoor family activities,

Clients: scouts, preschools, garden clubs, local college, park districts, YMCA, homeschool, etc.

photo gifts using my photos/nature themes;    stationary, notepads, mugs, journals, calendars                  
hmmm, my book/poetry     

Clients: individuals, local/state/national parks, groups    

Other business avenue-
Blogs; photography, travel, writing/storytelling, gardening, outdoor families-
professional trainer in natural/cultural history interpretation-local and travel options.
Also, magazine and Internet writing.

Well, there you have it.  I don't think this is all of it, but the bulk of it.  This is the big picture.  Soon I will break it down into phases/priorities/  or maybe just what is easiest to begin with.  For now this feels incredibly good.  I can see the big picture.  (ps. I just learned you can't create a tabbed column entry on a blog. I had to redo everything.)

This blog was my first step.  This post, my second step.  Actually my second step was drafting prototypes of some of the stationary ideas for my friends to critique.  Many thanks to my dear friends for their kind words and support.  This post is my third step then.  It has begun, one step and then another........

Through it all I have family and friends.  Who could ask for more.  Each of you are my true dream.  The reality is, I would like to make a living, too.  I found a long time ago, to be able to make a living at what you truly enjoy is also a blessing.  I have truly enjoyed what I have done for many years and will be doing much of the same thing.  The difference is, I will be doing it for me, on my time.  I like that idea.

Here is my question for you; if you could do anything you wanted to do to make a living, what would it be?  What is your dream job/career/life path?


gloria said...


So happy to see a new blog this morning. I was ready to email you and ask?? That is a big picture, but if you are going to dream, dream big. You are an inspiration to us all.

Love you1

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what is my dream job? If I could work w/at risk children or senior citizens w/out all the emotional turmoil? But I know I can't, so what does that say about me? I hate that about me. I want to, but I can't.

Lyn said...

It could be awfully difficult to not get emotionally involved and keep your perspective. I think it says you are an empathetic person who cares deeply.