Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivating Factors

Today was a day for getting things done.  This is my working cup.

My Key Three Motivators
Before I relate the successes, and miseries, of today, I want to go back to my last post a little while.  That post about opportunities lost and taken made me think back to my original motivating factors for beginning this blog and the process of reshaping my career.  Now that I am into this process a little further, it was good to remind myself of why it began and to learn if it still holds true.  It does.

And I learned that I was able to define my motivating factors more clearly.

I came up with three things:


I have much more to say on this subject, however today is an action day so I will save that post for another time.  I actually have a 'future post' file. 

Following the "To Do" List
Lists have a duo edged affect. For now, I find them useful, both in keeping me on task and in keeping me off task. I have decided to follow a process I use successfully at work and keep a weekly to to list with a few notes for future projects. So today I made a list for the week. Here is what I have been able to check off my list today.
  • draft mission statement
  • draft strategic plan and goals
  • blog (goal is 3/week, 1 down)
  • get computer fixed- (long, frustrating story)
  • download new printer software
  • test printer and scanner (yea! they work)
  • researched stationary design software-undecided
  • researched using a print shop for stationary (awaiting estimates)
  • researched supplies for the 'do it yourself' option
I'll skip the miseries of the day as they are resolved now.

For the Future Post File
I will muddle through the strategic plan and goals on my own, it's ony fair.  However, I may look to you for some feedback on my mission statement and name choices. Once I get a few options drafted, I'll post them.

Keep Focus on Motivating Factors

Time to stop and smell the flowers, watch the backyard grow, and visit with the family.

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