Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Mind is Spinning

My 'to do' list is growing and I seem to be trying to focus on too many things at once.  Soooo, other than finishing two blog projects I am already in the middle of, I am done with arranging, and rearranging the blog. 

Just so I remain accountable to my current blog task, I am trying to learn how to get links to two specific businesses as an affiliate member.  I have signed up and been 'approved' but I can't figure out how to get the links to work. Someday you will see two advertising banners or signs show up on this page. 

What this means is I advertise a business on my blog and if someone clicks on the business and purchases a product or service, then I get, well I guess it's sort of like a referral fee.  When I open my, not sure what to call them so, professional blogs, I plan to have affiliate marketing that relates to the themes of those blogs, nature, photography, etc.  I am practicing here among friends before I goof up among clients. Thanks for being my guinea pigs. (sorry, don't know how to do a smiley face here)

I have definitely decided that the two conditions I have for which affiliates I choose is that I have personally used them and would recommend them to a family member or friend. Beyond that, I don't know much about it all, so I am learning.
On another note, I finally added an actual list to my life list page.  This is a list I began over a year ago.  It was inspired, in part by the movie the Bucket List, but more so by a motivational speaker I saw at a workshop. This particular workshop, the morning key note speaker was Dan Thurmon. He talked about living life unbalanced, on purpose.  I have added his website to my favorites and I would strongly suggest you take a look.  

Anyway, his message was rather contradictory to what I thought I knew, or had learned. I have spent many years and even led women's retreats and adult education programs and talked with friends about living a balanced life.  'If you think of life like a wheel and things like self, family, friends, health, spirituality, work...are all spokes on the wheel...all connected in the center, at your core'  And of course, the way wheels work, you don't want any broken spokes if you want to keep everything moving smoothly. Well that can be pretty overwhelming, trying to keep your eye on everything all at the same time and give each 'spoke' equal attention all the time.  I do still find it helps to at least identify which spokes are on your wheel of life. However, lately I am not trying to focus on each one all the time, although I am mindful of all as they are a part of me.  

The speaker also talked about his life list, which was inspired by another great guy. Hence my life list. It is a pretty big damn list.  I allowed myself to brainstorm, no criticizing or denouncing my list choices.  Everything goes on it.  Now the idea is that I don't have to be/do these things forever.  That was a freeing realization for me. And they are in no particular order.  I also get to keep adding to it as I go.  I like that.  New desires and hopes and dreams seem to keep popping up. 

Currently, my life list and 'wheel' focus is on how to go about the business of creating a business.  I need to get my mind around exactly what it is I want to accomplish. Or better yet, what I want the end result to look and feel like.   If I can look at where I am going, then I somehow know I will get there.  If I get caught up in looking at all the details along the way, I am going to drop the ball, or break a spoke on my wheel. 

It is interesting to me that although this spoke may seem work related, it is truthfully a spoke of spirit, of soul.  This is the essence of a dream I have had for such a long time. In many ways, it has images from childhood dreams contained within it.  It has the potential to fill my cup to overflowing. 

So before I continue spinning 'round and 'round with my thoughts, I will stop for now.  Next time I will begin with the end by trying to lay out what I want this dream to look and feel like.  For now, I am off to play with friends for a few days.  And in fairness, that too, should get full focus! 


ellynvictoria said...

To make a smiley you just need a colon and parentheses :) or frowny :( or winky ;) or tongue sticky-outy :P or surprised :O etc

Also I think you should call your Blog Progress tab "Blogress".

Lyn said...

Thanks, ellyn. I knew about that kind of smiley and frowny. I did not know about the winky, tonque sticky-outy, or the surprised face, etc. I will have to use those. And I like the 'blogress' idea for the tab.