Friday, August 13, 2010

Let It Unfold

First, I have to say how much I love what I do for a living.

Last night I got to sit outside and introduce people to the Perseid's Meteor Showers.  Granted it was hot and muggy and the mosquitoes were the worst I have seen them in years.  However, when given the opportunity, nobody wanted to leave. My program only went from 9-10pm so it, the mosquito swarm, was tolerable. A couple smart people even wore their own mosquito netting for their heads.  VERY smart.  And, I live in a fairly populated area so we deal with a fair amount of light pollution. Still, with the weather, mosquitoes, short time frame and light pollution, it was wonderful.  I can not explain the childlike excitement and joy I felt when I saw my first two meteors flashing across the sky, one right after the other.  By the time the sky was dark enough, we probably saw about ten in all in the hour we were there. Not bad. 

Sometimes it's hard getting out there at work with all the props and set up,etc.  And sometimes it's not an easy situation with weather, or mosquitoes. However, like many things in life, you just have to make the effort. Once you do, WOW!  The reward is shooting stars! An added bonus, and an important one for me, is sharing the joy with someone; like introducing the excitement of the Perseid's to someone who has never seen them before and simply enjoying the magnitude and beauty of the night sky together.

I am hoping for shooting stars with my business of the heart.  And, I am hoping to create a joyful and meaningful experience for people in all aspects of my business. And just like I had to wait awhile last night and it wasn't shooting stars all the time, I know this business won't be either. Now that I have most of it down on paper, it is time to sort of sit with it and stir it around to see how it looks.  Maybe add a little of this or take out some of that.  I am not sure if I mentioned that I have a goal of having things fully in place by May 2011.  I am anxious to begin, yet not in a hurry.  Sometimes things of value take time. Between now and then, I plan to grow slowly until I am where I think I want to be.

I am also still thinking about this living in balance vs. living off balance-on purpose.  I still believe the second option is the way to go for me. I think that trying to keep everything in balance has been way too stressful.  However, I am thinking of the idea of harmony in my life.  Balance or Harmony.  I choose Harmony.  Now with Harmony as my backdrop, I will see how this proposed business fits in with the rest of my proposed life path for 55 and beyond.

What does Harmony look like/feel like to you?

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