Lyns Life List

 This list is meant to be an ongoing evolving list.  I created it a year or so ago and have since added to it, and will continue to add to it when something new comes to mind.  Some things are personal goals, some are not.  Well, I guess they are all personal goals, just some are work related, etc.   Anything in yellow is accomplished.

☺Certified Instructor Trainer/ NAI CIT certification

Become an Eppley Coach
Learn to Knit- crochet-- weave---traditional primitive rug hook-make and sell

Create a $-making home-based business incorporating various artistic endeavors

Become proficient at computer technologies-record keeping (financial, etc.) & photo stuff

☺1/2 Learn to play lap dulcimer- hammered dulcimer

Learn to create artistic gourds-make and sell

Become a successful (meaning well-paid) travel writer/photographer- writer/magazines/web…

Create and maintain a webpage-different from a blog- or including one

Become a Jungian psychologist

Become proficient in archetypes

Learn to be a great storyteller

Become a professional storyteller
Learn Tai Chi-again  and get certified to teach

Learn Reiki-again-am level 3- now a master level

Use Reiki-self and professional

Travel to Europe- Greece, Norway, Germany, Alaska

Alaskan interior…

Travel for fun and profit;

        Oregon Trail ,Route 66, Civil War sites/history…
        Lewis & Clark, Immigrant routes of Norwegian/german
        Waterfalls, southeast and northeast,  Route 80 to CA.

Travel for NAI as a CIT

Learn my grandfather Stevens geneology

Buy a cabin near a lake

Own a canoe and kayak and USE it.

Become an expert in digital photography for fun and/or profit

Afford 3 (well 2 ½ weddings) –down to 2 1

Pay for Ellyn’s BA

Help pay for Ellyn’s MA

Learn to kayak

Travel the Al-Can Highway

Walk the Appalachian Trail

Live on an ocean

Learn to draw/paint nature for fun and/or profit

Have home professional organized and decorated to suit needs

Live an artist’s life

Learn to be a great cook of simple whole foods

Own a home that has everything I want- front/back porch, mud room, deck, view, work/craft/reading room for me, “man-cave” for Curt, at least 3 bedrooms, LR, big eat in country kitchen, awesome master bedroom with walk in closet and big bath, near open space, simplicity in furnishings/near minimalist, etc,.easy to maintain/even a townhouse or something of that sort would be ok if it had the spaces/location I want.

Own/rent stationary RVs and live a month or more at a time in different places in the country.

Learn paper tole

Kayak in Tongass National Park, AK

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