Thursday, July 29, 2010

Live and Learn

One lesson I have learned in life, over and over, is whenever I begin to take myself too seriously, something happens or the universe sends me a message reminding me to knock it off.

The other day when I was thinking about naming my blog(s), future website and/or e-store, I was getting quite stressed. They have to be just right to convey the right meaning or idea, or at least I want them to be. Anyway, two things happened in short order. The first was that I drove by a sign (oh, I didn't mention this was consuming my thinking even as I was driving and hauling a trailer with 6 canoes, not a good thing, I know). I can't quote it exactly and I'm not going to go look up chapter and verse right now, but the quote is a familiar one, 'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.' Ah, I began to relax. I am not alone. Then, just moments down the road, I noticed a coyote out in broad daylight along the side of the road. He was standing there watching the cars go by, head moving side to side as he watched. His mouth was open in a pant and I swear he was smiling, or laughing, as coyotes are known to do. Alright, enough already! Comforted and cajoled at the same time, I put my worries aside, laughed at myself and focused more keenly on my task at hand, driving.

I also learned a couple things from my first blog and both are things I should have already known. First, double check spelling. I hope I have fixed my typos. Secondly, nothing is as easy as someone says it should be. A few friends tried to post comments, but couldn't. Thanks to the "Help" button I figured out I had to change some settings and am still not sure they are where I want them. I also changed my URL to something a little easier to remember and type in. My original ideas were not available and I had to come up with something last minute, so now it is done. Another joke on me, after all my worries about a name.

Now I am working on learning about widgets and gadgets and adding pages and links. Some other things I am considering for my blog(s) are whether to have one blog and several tabs or several blogs with few, or no, tabs. I am leaning toward several blogs. I am also wondering and learning about webhosts and e-stores. I am sure there will be more mistakes, no...opportunities for learning, as I go along. I will try to remember I am not alone and to keep laughing.

Once again, I invite your feedback. Share a lesson learned or a helpful how-to about blogging.
It's late, too late for coffee, think I'll go pour some iced lemonaide.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grab a Cup of Coffee and Join Me

Welcome to my blog. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me.

This is my first blogging adventure and I must admit I am a bit nervous. I stressed thinking about what to call my blog until it occured to me that anything related to coffee would work for me. I have had some wonderful morning moments gently greeting the new day with my full coffee cup in hand. More importantly, there have been deep, powerful conversations as well as a few lighthearted silly conversations, all with coffee cup in hand and someone else sharing the coffee pot. So Coffee Time it is!

I was about to write that I am not blogging to sit by myself in those quiet coffee moments, but to invite you to a conversation. However, I believe I am blogging for both. I have journaled for years and realize the power and clarity that can be experienced from getting thoughts, writings, and/or emotions onto paper, or blog, where you can "see" them. So this is a blog for me to enjoy the quiet moments AND it is to invite you to into conversation.

I have enjoyed, usually, walking many pathways in my life and am in the process of trying to decide on another. Nothing dramatic, just different from where I am now. There will be plenty of time for that discussion next time, and beyond. And somewhere in the process of discerning where I am going, I imagine there will be some looking to see where I have been and a little of this and day from the day to day.

But for now, I am wondering what kind of coffee cup do you prefer? Just like my life pathways have been varied and many, I enjoy many types of cups. It all depends on the day, the place, the statement I choose to make that day, etc. I have an Alaska mug I use when I want to remember the wild places in my life. (you will learn I am nuts about nature) There is a softly colored seashell mug I use for relaxing mornings. There are a few chipped mugs I use now and then, too. They remind me I don't have to be perfect, it's ok to have a little character. There are others, but you get the idea. So, what kind of cup, or mug, do you prefer-and why?

One last thing, I really have no idea what I am doing with setting up a blog. So please be patient if I change things around now and then while it gets figured out. There is a plan and it looks good in my head, we will just have to wait and see if it also looks good on the page.

I am a cup is half full kind of person, but empy is empty, or an opportunity to get a refill. Right now it is time to walk another path, so empty is how it will stay. There will be another pot of coffee on tomorrow and I always keep an empty chair for visitors.