Sunday, February 6, 2011

Behind the Scenes

It's a winter wonderland out there! About 20 inches of snow fell last week, and we are getting a little more today.
It's a good thing I love the snow, not to mention having an extra day or so off from my 9-5.

Wordpress, Blogger, or ?
I have actually been quite busy trying to educate myself on different blog/web hosting sites. My level of techno-knowledge is close to non-existent so it is a slow process.  Blogger or Wordpress seem to be the top choices for my next blog.  I have to get past the thinking that it is a "forever" choice. 

How Many Blogs and/or Websites?
I have settled on having one or two blogs vs. having many.   I will keep this blog because it is a record of my blogging and business journey and I would like to continue this journal.  I have discovered from other things, that sometimes the more I learn, the less I know. So this blog will provide a good way for me to look back.  And hopefully, it might provide some fodder for others as they begin their blogging and/or entry into the entreprenural world.

Then, I want to create a blog of "place."  I really can't verbalize it just yet, which is the other reason I can't begin it just yet.  I can see the end result, and I am working on the theme, theme statement, and an opening post. I want categories and subcategories on this blog so I am pretty sure it will be a hosted Wordpress blog. I have a plan for the categories laid out and it seems to flow nicely.

If there is to be another blog (oh, I guess that makes three), then it will be strictly business and have references to the blog of "place."  This blog needs some type of service for people to place orders and see what services I offer beyond the stationary. I still need to determine if I will continue to offer outdoor programs to scout groups, etc. and to what extent I want to spend my time doing that. I do think that rather than a blog, this might end up being a regular website and I am looking at GoDaddy for that, and to host the Wordpress blog.

If anybody out there is reading my blog and has thoughts about blogs, websites, hosting services, etc. that might help me decide what to do, I am all ears.