About This Blog

This blog was created as a trial run for me to learn how to create blogs and to use it as a journal to help me discern my next direction on this thing we call life.

I would like to create multiple blogs on some of my favorite things; nature, travel, writing, photography, and gardening. Eventually, I would like to make the transition to include writing articles online and for magazines.  (who wouldn't, right?)

Since I have begun writing this blog, only two posts mind you, I can see this quickly fulfilling its first intent. I am learning how to set up my blog.  Its second intent as a journal has the potential to become so much more. I am a stifled writer. By my choice, I have spent my time and heart focused on other things and people I value. However, I am looking at some life transitions and writing has always been one way to help me figure things out.  So I decided to blog rather than use my paper journal.  Now, I can feel the words welling up in my body. I need to make some hard choices and that gets me thinking about life priorities; and then there is the simple beauty that there is inspiration for story everywhere. I am really hoping I can keep the words from spewing out onto the pages, and rather share something here worth reading, both for me and (this is the new thing) for my readers. It's not that I think I have something amazing or miraculous to say. It's just that if someone decides to stop in and spend some time here, I hope they feel better, have a laugh, feel inspired or, well, just glad they came for coffee.

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