Friday, November 25, 2016

Three years later, not much, and everything, is new.  However, I will not be catching up and telling the story of the last 3 plus years.  I have stopped looking backwards.  I used to think that it helped to look backwards to understand where I was in the present.  Maybe it’s age, or experience, or simply tiredness….for now, I prefer to just be in the moment and let the past be in the past.  No sense recapping three years of continued crisis, change, struggle AND wonderful life events, since I last wrote here.
Life is life and it has ups and downs, and whatever needs to unfold will in it's own time. The real story is today, with no excuses or explanations of yesterday and no promises for tomorrow. Today is both imperfect and a blessing. And, I’m just glad to be here and have time with the ones I love.

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