Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yea!  Six hours later,
I got my software back!

And, I got my fridge cleaned out, my house straightened up, and several of my garden beds cut back for winter! I guess frustrated energy is good for something besides making me nuts.  

Oh, the Saga of the Day
After trying twice to re-download (once it took so long it timed out, the second time my server disconnected) I gave it one last try. It had already been about four hours of waiting for the download process. They do say the third time is a charm. I am not sure, but I think the first few times I downloaded it I hit "run" rather than "save."  This time, I saw and read download instructions, and followed them.  It went much faster and it did recognize that I had it in the computer and did a repair.  I still have to wonder why I was able to use it for 10 days before it disappeared.  Oh well, I am just grateful to have it back. I am not a technical person so I was very happy to have a successful experience, even if it took awhile.

Determination and Perseverance
Once upon a time I might have seen all this, and some of the other things surrounding my life right now, as a "sign" to give up this idea of my business of the heart.  But not now. Not this time. Yes, I have tried many times over the years to write, or craft, or take pictures mostly for hobby but with intent of someday making a living at it.  The time is NOW and I am determined to ride the rough times and keep going. I cannot imagine a business, new or not, that does not have troubles now and then.  It is the belief in what they are doing, skill, and stubborn perseverance that brings people through to success.

Back on Track
Alright then, back on track. I did my research on trademarks and although there were none with the name I want, there were some sites with the same name online.  I am trying to think of another name, but I may just send the application and see what happens. In the meantime, I continue to play with my software (yea!) and create new designs.  A happy ending to a long day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lyn,

Sorry about your frustrations, but what a way to turn it in to something productive! Good for you for making it happen and having a happy ending to a long day. I think it's a "sign" you are going to suceeed.

Much love,

Lyn said...

Hi Gloria,
I sure hope it's a good sign. Thanks for the postive energy!
Love ya,