Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Creative Corner

Creating Space
My creative corner, formerly known as my daughter's bedroom, is beginning to take shape. Little by little I am setting up for the business I am working toward.  One of the first things I had to do was move my desk, books, and craft supplies into the room and get that all organized. I'm still working on the closets, but there is enough done to work with.

The Work of My Hands
Part of this business will be a photo gift and stationary e-shop.  In addition to playing with my new Serif desktop publishing software and designing various formats of notepads, I have been buying crafty supplies and trying out different supplies like glues.  For my sticky notepads I have tried Modge Podge and some dimensional silicone I had for paper tole as a binding glue. The Modge Podge worked ok and the silicone worked great, but took almost a week to dry.

The other day I bought a little portable paper cutter. It works ok, but not as well as I would like.  I was trying to keep with inexpensive things to begin with. I should know better.  That's ok, it will be fine for small straight cuts.  Then I bought a rotary cutter that has a few different blade attachments. It is not a major heavy duty cutter, but it is lightweight, portable and can nicely cut 10 pages at a time, which is great for now.  A friend of mine had asked that if I ever created bound journals that I make the pages with perforations because she hates tearing off pages and having the scraggly edges.  Well, Barb, my new rotary cutter has a perforating blade and it works great! It also has a 'wavey' blade that leaves a smooth, wavey edge.

So I continue working with my Serif software and enjoying the effects I am finding are possible and I will be trying out different types of paper to find those that provide the quality and look I want at affordable prices.

The Next Step
Now that I am closer to getting some stationary designs finished, I am back to needing to finalize a name for this business and creating a logo. That is my main focus for the week as I also continue to finalize designs and create templates. Slowly but surely, this part of the business is taking shape.

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