Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress Report on Blog and Business

Blog Progress
You can be assured that if I am not posting every day, I am doing something to learn about blogging. I have been reading my new copy of Problogger by Dareen Rowse and Chris Garrett, visiting www.problogger.net by Darren Rowse, or checking out other blogs. Today I checked out problogger.net and read an article from a guest blogger, Annabel Candy, and then checked out her blog.  Wow!  I'm hooked on www.getinthehotspot.com.

Photography Progress
If I am not doing or learning about blogging every day, then I am doing something for my hoped for 'business of the heart' that I am laying groundwork for. Recently, I have been playing with a trial program I downloaded last week from Serif.  As I write this, I am downloading the full version of Serif PagePlus X4.  I have really enjoyed working with it. I know I have only scratched the surface of what it can do and am very excited about it. 

Keepin' it Brief
And because PagePlus is still downloading and I don't have the fastest laptop anymore, I am going to keep this post very short. So until next time...do someting you love every day!

P.S.   I was trying to change the page background color for this post.  This is what I got, just text background.  Back to the books!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lyn,

I love your blog and it's a wonderful way to connect to you from so far away. I am proud of you for starting on this new adventure in your life.