Saturday, September 25, 2010

Set Backs for Business

It's definitely a day for wishing I was anywhere but here.

New Software "Disappears"
I guess set backs are part of the norm for businesses.  Somehow I have lost connection with my new desktop publishing software.  It looks like all the files are there and yet it won't open.  Instead it proceeds to download and then tell me it can't because it can't find the correct pathway.

The odd thing is that I was working with it just last night.  My granddaughter and I made an anniversary card for her mom and dad and it turned out great!  She chose the designs and I worked the computer. Madi is seven and I was not ready to give her full controls of this new program.  This morning we were going to make some pictures for her to make into 3D art as a present and the program would not open.  I have spent the last couple hours trying to figure it out. 

Computer-Server Disconnect
So, I decided to see if I could just re-download the program. All was looking good as it was downloading....until my computer/server connection was reset and the download stopped.  UGH! I will try again now that my connection is back.  I just needed to take a break from it.  Boy, some days are just like that I guess. And now while the download is going again-about 60 minutes-I have enough frustration energy to get mass amounts of housecleaning done. WhoooHoooo!

What's Next?
If the download doesn't work, I did leave a "work ticket" at the support center for the software and will follow up with them on Monday.  I am a little concerned about all the stationary designs I have worked on in the last week. At this point, I can't open them either and it would be a shame to lose them. Then again, better to lose several at the beginning than many further into this.

Wish Me Luck!

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