Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whooohoooo- Day 2

A Challenge Can Be Reassuring
Well, here I am again. There is something reassuring about knowing that I have set this time aside each day. It takes away some of the wonder about what I should do when I get home after work. Should I clean, should I watch tv, should I stop at the store on the way home? 
NO! I am going home to take care of the dogs, have a small, but healthy dinner and I am going to allow myself the pleasure of focusing on learning how to do "blog" things and to enjoy the creativity of working with my photography and publishing software.  And writing, I really do love writing. Then somewhere during the evening I will spend time with my husband and daughter.
Now, sooner or later, I will have to do some cleaning, laundry, holiday shopping, and all the other things that make my house a home. And I am ok with that. For now, I am grateful that somehow my evening is less chaotic with this blog and business time specfically set aside to focus on the 21 Day Challenge.

Less Reassuring
Earlier tonight I spent time on the online blog class. I confess I am still overwhelmed with the notion of setting up a self-hosted blog. I am not quite there, yet. I have to wonder if a hands on class is what I need. I have no real technical background to glean from.  Perserverence will have to be the word for this part of blogging.

Other Progress Today
I figured I would be working on my photography and stationary more over the next 21 days and now there is no doubt. A dear friend has just put in an order for some holiday gifts. I am so excited! I am thrilled to be able to create something for a friend and I am thankful that now I can't put it aside, which I might be inclined to do if there was no one waiting for it.

I spent time during the day looking at other blogs again. There are so many wonderfully creative people out there. I feel slightly intimidated and also hopeful. I know that I cannot be them, nor should I be. I see that there are so many different styles and I will find my own. (especially if I can figure out how to self-host and design blogs or at least find someone who can see my vision).

And Tomorrow
Tomorrow I begin to work on designing my friend's gifts, continue reading and/or class, and remain open to my next step.

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