Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9

No calendar tonight, just a quick check in. I made good progress on stationary order last night and should finish up the notepads tonight, at least designs and printing.  I still have to cut everything.

Although I am considering checking in with my friendly local print shop to see what they would charge for cutting. Although,....if I am to truly call these handmade stationary, can I take them into a print shop to be cut? There is one shop that might have cutters available for public use.  It might be a huge time saver in the long run. Oh, there is also a scrap booking place that has a public workshop space. I can call them, too. 

My next step for the notepads is getting binder glue on them. Then I am on to the note cards.  I already have some ideas for these.This has been a long but fun process. And really, it was only long because I spent a lot of time "playing" with designs. Lesson learned here is I need to get to know my software possibilities inside and out. Maybe if I keep saying it enough, it will sink in.  :0)

I'm off to my printer and rotary cutter station!

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