Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7

The computer is better today. I have been able to download some new photos for my order and do some other work, too. I am not sure if this counts, but I do the simple downloading while watching some tv. I am having a hard time coming from work and going to work when I get home. So watching a little tv while doing the downloading seems to be a little more relaxing.  Truthfully, I am watching as I type this post, too.

Today I have been trying to decide what information I should track for my orders and in what level of detail.  Sooner or later I would like to set up an access and/or excel file.  But for now paper files will work. Any suggestion or ideas would be appreciated.

My priority right now is to make the 21 Day Challenge a success and to complete the order I have with good quality and in good time. There is the basic success of actually doing something each day and ultimately the success will be when I continue to do something each day, even after the challenge is completed.

I had planned to get something into Zazzle and/or Cafepress sometime during this challenge. I will still try as long as I get the order done. 

I sure hope one day I look back on all these posts and laugh at how much time I spent planning what to do instead of just doing it. But this is my way. Life is a process, so is learning a new business.

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