Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8

Here I am again, getting a late start. After work I had some shopping to do and then dinner to make, plus making a dish to pass for a holiday party at work tomorrow. Oh, and then all the dishes from dinner and holiday party food prep.

That's ok. This will help me limit my time to one hour. I am having a hard time with that and going over my time. Then I feel like "work" is all I do. Oh, I hoo!

I am writing tonight before I actually work, well it is also part of this challenge.  As soon as I am finished here I will finalize a couple more notepad designs for my order and get them printed out.  Last night was very productive, even though I was watching TV while I played with my software.

I am learning all the time. I opened one photo file and tried just about every filter on it that my Serif software offers. There are some pretty awesome effects that are possible and I am sure I haven't found all the creative combinations yet. When I am done with this order, I will do the same thing with one picture. I think I will set the page up to do six pictures/page and then apply a different type filter/effect to each of the six and print it all out to have a visual comparison on file.

I am anxious to move this process along and get some things printed tonight. Progress feels good.

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