Friday, November 12, 2010

Part of composing a great picture in photography
is by focusing on your subject
eliminating the clutter in the scene.
It's not just what you get in the shot,
it's also what you keep out of it.
~ ~ ~
Part of composing a well lived life
is by focusing on what is important to you
eliminating the clutter.

It's not just what you keep in your life,
it's also what you keep out.
~ ~ ~
I am taking a little time to visit wild places.
To just "BE" and marvel at the wonder of life and nature.

Somehow, when I return from such places,
I am more whole, less cluttered.
better enabled to live well
focus on what is important
to create the picture of my life
that is consistant with my vision for it.

It's all part of my creative proces.
~ ~ ~
How do you focus on what is important?
How do you keep the clutter out-
or de-clutter if clutter has crept in?


ellynvictoria said...

Good analogy...i keep clutter out of my life by living in a tiny apartment that can only hold a certain amount...does that count?

Lyn said...

Of course it counts. You are good at reducing clutter anyway.