Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog School

This is just a quick "check in" post to track my efforts to do something every day for blog and business.  I have been looking at my pictures and taking some new ones when the moment and opportunity hit me.  In addition, I have been thinking up phrases I might use with the photos on stationary or a card.  That has been fun.

I have also been thinking about what/when I might begin my first real blog. Remember, this one is for practice and for tracking my progress for blog and business.  Problem is, I have become sort of stuck with this blog because it is more of a personal blog and not the kind I will likely begin and so there are things I have not tried here. There is more I would like to learn before I proceed.  I want to make the right impression the first time and do it right so I am stalled. So tonight I began going to online blog school.  No, really.  I have read some books, but I really like being able to hear and see someone explain how to do things,even if it is on video. Thanks, I am excited about this chance and hope it will help me to the next step.

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Mentorlog said...

You are right first impression is really important. Best of luck for you..