Monday, November 29, 2010

My 21 Day Challenge

Well, I was supposed to begin my 21 day challenge for blog and business a week ago when I returned from being out of town. I returned on Sunday, slept all day Monday, worked 10 hours each on Tuesday and Wednesday, then came Thanksgiving and the weekend. Which all brings me to today. I am not looking back and feeling bad about putting this off. I am just beginning on a different date.

My challenge will be December 1 through December 21--- 21 days. I have spent time thinking about how to define this challenge and think it will have to remain somewhat undefined. This is not meant to be evasive, it's just that there is so much that can be done. There are two things I can define though. One is that I have to blog each night about what has been done that day. The second is that I will spend at least one hour daily doing whatever I do.

Some options for activities during this challenge include, and are not limited to;
*writing a blog post, other than just a report of the daily activity
*working on my online blog class
*creating photo stationary
*creating a web page or some type of online store
*creating another blog
*finalizing my business name
*reading at least one other blog daily

So there you have it. My goal for this, my first 21 day challenge, is to develop a habit of doing something every day with the belief that even an hour a day will move me forward toward my real goal of a successful blog and business.

So stay tuned, and consider joining me in creating your own 21 day challenge. Is there something you would like to see more progress in? Tell me about it.

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